It was back in 2005 that I packed up the Olds Cutlass and headed west from my roots in Ohio. 


looking for Adventure

I had recently dropped out of college, working job I didn't care about and living under my mother's roof again. I'd had enough and it was time for a change. After my first visit to Colorado in 1997 it was always in the back of mind as a possible destination. I was lucky enough to have two cousins who had already made the jump years ago and they had a spare bedroom. I made an inquiry and they said, "Get out here!". 

A rough start

It was pretty tough at first. I was often home sick and lonely. My cousins had their own lives and were often traveling for work. I jumped from job to job just to make a living and was never satisfied. Eventually my cousins hooked it up again and got me on with a geophysics company. The job included lots of travel and physically demanding tasks. For a long time I loved it because it meant being outside and on my feet. I was already in love with the western landscape, but the gig just amplified it. We often found ourselves in remote places searching for everything from mineral deposits to unexploded ordinance. There was definitely a sense of adventure, living a bit of an outlaw lifestyle, but eventually it ran it's course. 

After living out of a suitcase for ten years, and the company I was working for going down-the-tubes, it was time for another change. 

Creative roots

Growing up in Ohio I was always into creating. Wether it was writing or illustrating, creating was always something I enjoyed and could lose myself in. I even went to design school for a few years before it chewed-me-up-and-spit-me-out. With nothing else to do, I submitted to the family farm business and made it my existence. During the winter months there was often much down time. With lots of tools and material at my disposal, I starting painting and building. After a typical work day I would spend countless hours figuring out how to put simple things together. Only taking an occasional break to entertain the barn cats. I didn't know it at the time, but the seed had been planted. 

Now is the time 

After some geophysical adventures in Kuwait in 2016 I decided it was time to do my own thing. When I returned from that trip last fall I poured some money into a tool collection and got to work. 

I truly believe the attention to detail, and the eye for aesthetics, can only be attributed to the work ethic I was raised on. I have my mother and grandfather to thank for instilling that in me.